Embracing Jacksonville’s Sunshine: Best Patio Enclosure Designs for Florida Homes

Living in Jacksonville, Florida, means having the privilege of enjoying some of the most beautiful weather in the country. With an average of 221 sunny days per year, it’s no wonder that homeowners here are looking for the best ways to embrace the sunshine while still maintaining a sense of comfort and privacy. Continue Reading

Screen Enclosures vs Glass Enclosures: Which is Best for Your Jacksonville Home?

Outdoor rooms have become hugely popular additions for Jacksonville homeowners. But when it comes to enclosing your patio or pool deck, you have two main structure options—screen enclosures or glass enclosures. Both expand your home’s livable space, allow year-round enjoyment of the outdoors, provide protection from weather and insects, and boost resale value. But screens and glass have key differences in benefits, costs, visual appeal, and maintenance. 

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