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How will a sunroom or screen enclosure look on my home?

Enclosures complement just about any architectural style. It will add light, elegance and a spacious look to your home. Our goal is to make it look like it has always been there – like it was built with the home. Because we have so many styles, we can accommodate just about any home. We’ll show you hundreds of photos and create a unique computer-generated design to help you visualize your new room.

How will it attach to the house and roofline?

We use similar pitches, styles and roof treatments to make it blend seamlessly.

Can I open the windows in my sunroom?

Yes. We offer a variety of operable windows. The most popular window configuration is a horizontal sliding window.

What colors are available for my sunroom?

Depending on the style of room you choose, the rooms are available in three contemporary colors: white, sandstone, and bronze (dark brown).

What types of doors are available?

Single doors, French doors, and sliding doors are all available.

What kind of foundation is necessary?

A sunroom requires a foundation that is similar in strength and capacity to your home, while the foundation requirement for a screen enclosure won’t be quite as stringent. We will ensure that you meet the requirements for your county.

How do I heat and cool the room?

This varies greatly depending on your use of the room, orientation, etc. Some existing home units will accommodate the additional space; others may require a separate heat/cool unit which can be built into the wall of your room.

What kind of electrical needs will I have?

According to the National Electric Code, sunroom requirements are similar to that of your home. A standard electrical package for a sunroom will include three outlets, an outside GFI, a ceiling fan circuit, and an outside light. Normally, the only requirement for a screen enclosure is an outside GFI.

What kind of flooring should I put in my sunroom?

Check out our sister company, Lifetime Flooring, for all your flooring needs! It will be easy to choose something to coordinate with your home from the plethora of flooring choices on the market. Some popular choices are ceramic or porcelain tile, acrylic finishes, and carpet.

What kind of base wall can I have? Can it match my home?

Yes, it can match your home, but for sunrooms many of our customers prefer a glass knee wall for a very open feel.

Does a glass roof cost more than a solid one? How much more?

A glass roof costs about 30 – 50% more, depending on configuration. While this is a popular choice for northern climates, a sunroom with a glass roof can cause temperatures to significantly rise in a Florida climate for a good portion of the year.

Can the room be open to the house, or does it have to be separated by doors?

It can be either, depending on what you want to achieve. Typically, the existing doors will be left in place, however, we can discuss different options during a design consultation.

How do you finish the existing house wall which will become an inside wall?

Some clients choose sheetrock or conventional interior wall finishes, since it has now become an interior space. Others leave the exterior finish for more of a porch-like feel.

Can you move my plants?

We prefer that our customers remove and/or transplant any exterior plant material before we begin work.

Can I put cable TV in my sunroom?

Yes! Many of our customers find their sunroom to be the BEST place to relax and watch television.

Why would I choose a sunroom over a conventional room addition?

A sunroom, which is mainly glass, will allow you to enjoy the outdoors and nature to its fullest. Glass connects you with the outdoors comfortably — rain and inclement weather become exciting events!

What furniture goes best in a sunroom?

It’s a personal choice; some choose leather sofas and chairs in more elegant styles, others choose more casual styles like wicker and teak.

Will the sunroom increase the value of my home?

As a year-round conditioned space, the sunroom increases the value and appreciates in value just like any room would. In fact, US News & World Report indicated that a well-designed and installed sunroom is one of the highest returning improvements you can buy (98% in 6 months compared to 78% for a conventional addition).

Can you install a doggie door?

Absolutely. We have sizes for a small dog or cat up to a Great Dane!

Can you build on my existing deck?

In most cases, yes. Because the calculated load on the deck structure and foundation almost doubles, some additional reinforcement is usually required (framing and/or piers).

Can you match the shingles on my house roof?

Yes, as long as they are still available from the manufacturer; otherwise, with your approval we will match your existing shingles as closely as possible.

What is the expected cost per square foot?

That depends on what type of enclosure you’re interested in. With so many options and existing home scenarios, it’s almost impossible to guess without first making some design decisions. When ready, give us a call for a FREE no obligation estimate. We even have evening and weekend appointments available!

Is there a warranty on our products?

Yes, there is. Please check out our Service/Warranty page for details. Also the consultant will answer any questions you may have.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

We ask for an hour. We want to take the time to listen to your wishes, design your custom room, draw the room and present you with a price.

How long does it take to build a room?

The actual construction of the room will only take a day to several days, depending on the type of room. Before the construction of the room, there is a lot of paperwork being done for the permits and engineering. The sales consultant will be able to give you a time frame that you could expect to see your finished product.