Spring is Here

As the gloomy days of Winter leave the area and our wonderful Florida weather returns, the spring cleanup can begin! Below are some great tips to keep your screen enclosure in tip top shape for the coming year.

            GuttersGutters can become a main problem of water intrusion into your enclosure. Making sure that the gutter is clean and free of debris such as pine needles and leaves to keep the water flowing properly to the downspouts.  The downspouts should be checked regularly for the same types of debris that may become impacted.  The more heavily your yard or the neighborhood you live in is treed the more frequent maintenance is necessary.

           ScreensThe screen in your enclosure whether it is a full screen enclosure or a sunroom is made of fiberglass with a plastic coating. The screens can be cleaned very easily by using a soft brush and mild detergent (dish soap). This will help breakup the pollen that has a tendency to stick to the screens. Minimal pressure should be used and gently hosing the screens off will do adequately.   

 If you find that some of your screen panels have been damaged, give us a call to set up your service appointment today!!