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One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your home is by adding one of Lifetime Enclosures’ sunrooms. Among the many benefits of owning a sunroom is making the most of the outdoors while eliminating many of the discomforts, such as direct sunlight, inclement weather and insects. You’ll find yourself spending more time in your new sunroom than any other room in your home. Whether you make it your personal paradise or your family’s retreat, it’s a place to relax, exercise, entertain, or soothe away stress while enjoying the natural environment surrounding you.

Homeowners can choose from one of our Signature Enclosures or a 4 Seasons sunroom product – a premier sunroom manufacturer. 4 Seasons products are precision engineered for today’s lifestyle, require little maintenance, and have exclusive features that set them apart from other manufacturers.

Our sunrooms can be built as a free-standing structure for a poolside cabana or an entertainment room separate from your home.

With one of Lifetime’s sunrooms, you’re just steps away from the good life.

Customize Your Sunroom

Window Options

Deadlight Windows


A fixed piece of glass used to fill in areas to bring in light

Horizontal Sliders

Horizontal Sliders

A set of windows that have two operational and removable vents.

Transom Windows


A fixed piece of glass generally above the sliding windows, to create a path of natural light.

Roof Style

Sunrooms - Cathedral Gable


Also called "Gable" is a roof style that gains height and allows for an abundance of light and a spacious look.

Sunrooms - Studio


A natural extension to most existing roof designs. It can be modified to fit any budget while still giving a spacious gathering area.

Door Style

Sunrooms - Prime Door

Prime Door

A standard door, 3’0" x 6’8", typically with a full view glass insert with deadbolt and lock set.

Sunrooms - French Doors

French Doors

Double operating door with fixed glass which allows warm, natural light to create a comfortable space; both doors can open out or one locked in place.

Sunrooms - Sliding Door

Sliding Door

Available in multiple configurations; the most common being a two piece glass opening with one stationary and the other sliding open and close.

Sunrooms - Pet Door

Pet doors (Don’t forget about them!)

An option to allow your pet to gain access in and out of the enclosure.


Sunrooms - Glass Kneewall


A uniform look where the glass in continued to the bottom of the enclosure, allowing extra light to come through. Great for waterfront property, garden view, or anywhere to expand your view.

Sunrooms - Aluminum Kneewall


An aluminum panel used as a covering to a kneewall.

Sunrooms - Match Your Home Kneewall

Match your home!

We are able to match your kneewall to the exterior of your home and make it look as if the addition is part of your home.

Frame Color

Sunrooms - White


Sunrooms - Bronze


Sunrooms - Sandstone


Limited availability, depending on style of room


Sunrooms - Skylights


Semi translucent panel that interconnects between the roof panels allowing for more light to come in.

Sunrooms - Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

Sunrooms - Grill Cover

Grill Cover

An additional patio cover off a sunroom used to add an area for grilling or an additional cover over a door.

Sunrooms - Shingles


Glass Options

Low E

A coating that does not affect the amount of visible light allowed in, but is used to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light.

Single Glaze Pane

Typically, a 1/8" thick piece of glass; this window comes with no insulation which makes it less efficient at keeping out the seasonal temperatures and noise.

Insulated Glass

Two pieces of 1/8" thick glass with an air space in between that aids as a barrier against seasonal temperatures and noise.

Argon Gas Filled Window

Increases energy efficiency of the window by adding argon in between the glass panes.


Combine Double Pane, Argon and Low E and have one of the most efficient windows in the industry today!!!