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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Screen Enclosures in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville homeowners love spending time outdoors, but Florida’s harsh weather and annoying pests can make patios and pools unusable. That’s why screen enclosures are so popular in Jacksonville. A properly installed screen enclosure allows you to enjoy the outdoors in total comfort. This guide covers the best Jacksonville screen enclosure options from materials to designs.

Screen Enclosures with Phifer 20/20 The Long-lasting Choice

When selecting a screen enclosure, the screening material matters most. Phifer 20/20 fiberglass is the top choice for durability. This tightly woven mesh can withstand Jacksonville’s intense sun, storms, and salt air. Phifer screens last up to 8 years, twice as long as cheaper vinyl screens. Always ask your Jacksonville screen enclosure company which brand of mesh they use. For long-term value, insist on Phifer.

Robust Aluminum Screen Enclosures

For the framing, aluminum is ideal for Jacksonville’s coastal climate. Aluminum resists corrosion and stands up to high winds, heavy rains, and salt spray. Local company Lifetime Enclosures specializes in sturdy aluminum constructions that merge seamlessly with your home’s design. Their craftsmanship ensures your new screen enclosure will endure decades of Jacksonville weather.

Pool Screen Enclosures Keep Out Leaves and Bugs

Pool screen enclosures are must-haves in Jacksonville backyards. A pool enclosure keeps out falling oak leaves and debris that are labor-intensive to clean. Pool screens also prevent annoying insects from disturbing your swims. Phifer’s durable screening resists Jacksonville’s intense sunlight, avoiding sun damage that can compromise safety. For cleanliness, ease of maintenance, and pest control, a pool screen enclosure is essential.

Custom Screen Rooms for Flexible Outdoor Living

Screen rooms allow you to customize your outdoor space. Opt for an open-air screened roof or enclosed roof panels to control sunlight, rainfall, and heat as desired. Screen rooms seamlessly expand living space and work with any architectural style. Consider attaching your new screen room right to the house or go for a standalone pavilion in the yard. Lifetime Enclosures will design the perfect screen room for your home.

Regular Maintenance and Proper Permits Are Key

Like any home addition, proper maintenance is key to your screen enclosure’s longevity. Be sure to inspect and clean the screens annually and reseal any aluminum framing if needed. Also remember to get permits—screen enclosures are permanent structures. Having certified installers like Lifetime Enclosures handle permits ensures code compliance.

Invest In a Lifetime of Enjoying the Outdoors

In Jacksonville’s sunny climate, screen enclosures are worth every penny. With Phifer mesh that withstands the elements, sturdy aluminum frames that won’t corrode, and custom design options, you’ll enjoy outdoor living year-round. Contact the experts at Lifetime Enclosures today for a free quote on a screen enclosure crafted to endure Jacksonville weather and maximize your enjoyment.