No matter what part of the world your “happy place”  is located in, you can bring characteristics and elements from your  perfect vacation spot right into your enclosure, making it the perfect STAY-CATION!

If you’re missing the feeling you get when you travel to the mountains or the beach… bring the mountains and the beach to you!

By using natural wood textures, and pulling colors that remind you of the mountains and that give you that “breathe easy” feeling  you’ll be able to create a space that is both functional and relaxing.

Adding plants and candles is a good place to start. A perfect Monterey Cypress is an excellent choice for a mountain feeling. It looks like a small pine tree and is sure to remind you of the mountains!  Choose candles with a clean and natural scent.  Lots of candle lines have scents like “Mountain Lake” and “Evening Air” that will fill your space with that fresh mountain air scent! Finish the space off with some wood furniture and neutral-colored oversized pillows for comfort. You’ll forget you ever came home!

If the beach is more your style stick with light colored wicker furniture and add pops of color to give a tropical feeling. Adding some blues and greens and ocean scented candles to your space- you can bring the beach to your backyard!

If you want to add some greenery to your Beach Stay-cation consider a potted Lady Palm. They’re like mini palm trees and are known for their air purifying qualities. Make sure to leave lots of window exposure to allow for lots of natural sunlight.  Not just for the Palm, but also for  yourself! What’s a Beach Staycation without some sunshine?

With a little inspiration and creativity you can easily turn your enclosure into your very own stay-cation. What part of the world will you bring to your backyard?