Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Screen Enclosure to Glass or Vinyl

As a Jacksonville homeowner, you likely enjoy spending time outdoors in your backyard oasis as often as possible. And if you’re like most of us, the unrelenting insects and unpredictable weather often force you back inside. Installing a screen enclosure allows you to reclaim your outdoor living space. If you need a new screen room or want to upgrade  your existing screen room, it may be time to consider glass or vinyl enclosures.

Key Benefits of Vinyl Enclosures

One excellent screen enclosure replacement option gaining popularity in Jacksonville is vinyl enclosures. These structures feature panelized PVC walls surrounding a screen roof allowing for excellent weather protection, temperature control, and durability:

  • Protection from Rain/Winds – Vinyl’s waterproof, transparent panels prevent damage or leaks while blocking harsh weather yet still allowing light penetration.
  • Comfort Control – Strategically placed vinyl panels trap heat while ceiling vents and screens allow temperature regulation as needed.
  • Longer Lasting – Compared to constantly damaged screens, thick vinyl sheets resist tearing or holes while reducing repatch needs with a life expectancy over 20 years.
  • Lower Cost – Vinyl costs a fraction compared to glass enclosures, installation is simpler, and sheet replacements are affordable when eventually needed.

For Jacksonville homeowners wanting better weather and temperature management than screens provide, easy-to-install vinyl enclosures make excellent upgrade options.

Benefits of Glass Sunroom Conversions

On the higher end, replacing existing screen rooms with fully-glassed aluminum and tempered glass enclosures provides maximum weatherproofing and climate control for year-round backyard enjoyment:

  • Protection from All Elements – Glass sunrooms maintain comfortable temperatures while sealing out 100% of insects, rain, winds and UV rays.
  • Greater Temperature Control – Modern glass rooms feature HVAC systems, heated floors, ceiling fans and retractable windows/screens to customize conditions in any season.
  • Higher Level Ambiance – With integrated LED mood lighting, wireless speakers and TVs, glassed enclosures transform into entertainment oases perfect for hosting guests or enjoying spectacular sunrises with coffee.
  • Better Long-Term Investment – Properly installed glass sunrooms can last over 30 years and boost Jacksonville home values more than screened or vinyl enclosures.

For the ultimate outdoor living upgrade, aluminum-framed glass enclosures create backyard paradises usable all year while providing contemporary architectural appeal.

What’s Best for Your Jacksonville Home?

Still unsure if your existing screen enclosure should be replaced with vinyl panels or a fully-glassed room addition? As you evaluate the pros and cons, make sure to consider:

  • How will the space be utilized? For expanding entertaining spaces, glass might be best. For casual family relaxation, vinyl offers aesthetics and durability improvement over basic screens.
  • What’s your budget for the renovation? Get both quotes to be better informed about which is right for you.

Adding a new enclosure or replacing your outdated screen enclosure is a fantastic way to enhance your exterior living space. Adding glass or vinyl panels lets you enjoy the outdoors comfortably regardless of Jacksonville’s temperatures and storms.

For a free quote on upgrading your screened porch or pool enclosure, contact the experts on Florida sunrooms & screen enclosures today!